A Message from Lisa




Winston Churchill once said, “ We make our living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” This quote has always resonated with me and is why I chose a career in the healthcare field.

Serving as director of a non-profit allows me to spend time everyday
with a wonderful group of people, listening to their stories, sharing experiences and often learning something new. I have always believed that as a provider of senior housing, our first responsibility is to the service and safety of our residents, and when we focus our time and efforts in these areas the bottom line will take care of itself. I am proud to walk around our community and see our employees putting these words into action every day.

Whether it be a maintenance staff carrying bags upstairs for a resident, a care giver sitting with someone looking at a picture of the newest grandchild, a cook preparing a special meal for a family get together or a housekeeper taking extra care when laundering that favorite sweater. Each one of these acts of kindness is what makes Hover Community such a special place to live and work.

Because you have many options in senior housing and the decision can be overwhelming, we encourage you to join us for lunch and then take a tour of our residences and grounds.

You can set the pace of your visit, spending as much time as you like to truly get a feel for what life at Hover Community is all about. We look forward to meeting you! 




Our primary goals are the service and the safety of our residents.