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The All Faiths Chapel was dedicated on April 12, 1991 thanks to the financial support and vision of Cordell and Shirley Richardson. When planning to build the Beatrice Hover Assisted Living Residence began, a chapel
was in the original design. Because of budgetary considerations the chapel had to be eliminated. At that point the Richardsons, who have ties to the Hover family, decided to finance the chapel. Mrs. Richardson believes that the financing for the chapel came about by a series of what might be called coincidences, but what she knows were God's guiding hands. The Richardsons' owned a piece of property in Longmont that hadn't sold. Miraculously the property sold at the time plans for the Chapel fell through. Pat Meade helped the Richardsons' design the Chapel to accommodate a beautiful 11 feet by 4½ feet tapestry art piece depicting the Lord's Supper.

Although Hover Community may not have happened without the leadership and hard work of the Methodist Church, the Richardsons' wanted to emphasize that the Chapel was for every denomination, so it was named "All Faiths Chapel". Friends of many different denominations donated their meditation booklets. One Bible was given by the Congregational Church, another Bible by First Methodist Church, and one Bible had been re-bound and displayed, as it originally belonged to Beatrice Hover. The organ was given by Mr. McGaughey -- a music teacher of many years and the lectern was made by Pat Meade's son and donated by Vivian Lauck -- a long time member of First United Methodist.

The All Faiths Chapel hosts three church services each Sunday as well as twice weekly communion services. It is also available to residents for memorial services, Bible study and private meditation.

Read a 1965 Denver Post article on our 'Last Supper Tapestry' here.