Hover at Home

Hover at Home Services is a critical part of our mission and provides much needed in-home support services.  The program was established to help residents who are living independently and wish to continue to 'age in place' safely.  

These services are not 'personal care', but are a helping hand with small tasks around the house.  The idea is to create an affordable option to fill the gap between living independently and needing assistance from Home Care Agencies.  It has proved to do just that with great success! Check out the types of services we offer below. 

Light housekeeping such as dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, dishwashing, floor washing and garbage removal. Please be aware that you will provide all cleaning supplies necessary for the job.  We will not be able to move furniture and/or personal belongings to clean around.

Wash, dry, fold, iron and put away clothing just as you like. We can drop off and pick up your dry cleaning.  (Cost for drying cleaning or coin operated machines not included). Please have clothes sorted and placed in a carrying receptacle and report any special instructions when clothing is picked up. We will use your detergent, softener and dryer sheets to ensure no allergic reaction occurs.

We can run your errands within the city limits of Longmont, such as trips to the grocery store, post office, etc.

Meal Service
We can help you prepare a grocery list, cook you a meal, or even deliver a meal to you from the cafe.  We can also be your escort to the cafe for a meal.

Companion Visits
We offer social visits and daily check-ins while your loved ones are away. This can be a leisure conversation, taking a walk together, or just a quick drop in visit to make sure your day is going well.  You can decide how you would like to spend the time together.

Medication Reminders
We can offer verbal reminders to take medications.  This can be in person or via phone.  These services do NOT include handling medications, assuring a third-party that you took your medications, or setting up your medications for you in a Med Mind pill box.  It is your responsibility to take your medications correctly as prescribed by your doctor..

Pet Care
We can help take care of your pet daily or while you are away.  This may include daily walks, feedings, and simple grooming.  We will use your food and supplies to ensure no discomfort to your pet.

Hover at Home Services fees run $8.50 per half hour and $15 per hour.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 7:00pm.  Please call 303-772-9292 X211 or X 224 for more information or to schedule services.  

NOTE:  Pre-paid Services available at discounted rates!

Handyman Services
Our handyman can do a variety of services, including hanging pictures or decor, moving furniture or boxes, removing unwanted furniture, cleaning in hard-to-reach places, assembling new furniture, and more!  

Handyman Services are $17.00/hour and $9.00/half hour.  Please call 303-772-9292 X211 or X224 for more informationor to schedule services.

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