Letters to Santa

Dear Boys & Girls, 
   Christmas is coming and I want to hear from you!
Stop by one of my favorite businesses in Longmont and look for my mailbox.  You can drop off your letter (no postage necessary), and let me know if you have been a good boy or girl.  Make sure to drop your letter by December 4th so I can send you a special reply from the North Pole!  Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas!

PS: Mrs. Claus and I send a special thank you to our friends at Hover Community for their help this Holiday Season!
1380 Charles Drive, Longmont, CO

1727 Main Street, Longmont, CO

Find special mailboxes at the following outstanding Longmont area businesses!  

For more information contact, Tricia Gangstad (303) 772 - 9292 X221  

400 Main Street, Longmont, CO

700 Ken Pratt Boulevard, Longmont, CO

508 Main Street, Longmont, CO

373 Main Street, Longmont, CO