The Wellness Center is the greatest addition to come to Hover Manor. Staying healthy should be our greatest aim. 
~ Jane Krueger, Resident


In my semi-annual physical exam recently, my doctor was amazed and impressed with the helpful exercise I was getting by riding the NuStep regularly in the Wellness Center as well as the twice a week stretching classes in the Sylvan Café and he urged me to ‘keep it up!’ 
~Bill Dion, Resident


On behalf of my mom, Francis Chavez, Hover Manor resident, I would like to say that she really enjoys the NuStep exercise machine as well as the housekeeping services and ironing too. Thank you for everything. 
~ Joanie Chavez



One of the best things about Hover Manor is the delicious home cooked meals we are served in the Sylvan Café which are prepared by our chef and staff.  They are healthful, well-balanced and attractive
Jane Krueger 

The food is exceptional, especially when preparing for so many.  All the servers and staff are so courteous and knowledgeable of our needs.  It’s so home-like to hear your name from all of the staff.  It’s as relaxing and clean as dining in a reputable restaurant. 
Lavon Swink

I was proud to bring my daughter and her son (from Kentucky) to eat at the Sylvan this week.  I appreciate the quality and variety of the food and the generous services.  I certainly notice the kindness and efficiency of the servers.
Opal Gee


Must say that your food is excellent especially your soups.  Could you possibly make a meat loaf or salmon sometimes?  The service is the best ever.  Your portions of food are perfect.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you. 
Betty D.


I am very satisfied with the cuisine of Hover Manor for the most part.  The main meal is well balanced, sugar-free desserts are wonderful for those who need them.  Thanks for the little extra specials.