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The Hover Manor Activity & Wellness Center is designed to meet the needs of seniors residing at Hover Manor Retirement Community. All Hover Manor residents are provided with access to the Wellness Center. The center was developed in direct response to residents’ requests for access to programs and information on health and wellness. Activities and services include an educational lecture series, social clubs and interest groups, a comprehensive fitness program, a resource center and Hover at Home, our non-nursing services program.

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The Hover Manor Activity & Wellness Center opened in October 2008. Our vision for the center originated from the increasing number of Hover Manor residents who wanted more access to wellness programs, but were unable to afford outside services. Therefore, our programs are designed to be accessible and affordable. Our services are provided free of charge (with the exclusion of Hover at Home Services).


Our mission is to ensure that we care for the whole individual by addressing the six dimensions of wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual and Vocational. Programs include a comprehensive fitness program, social clubs and interest groups, a resource center, an educational lecture series and Hover at Home Services.





To address Physical Wellness we promote healthy lifestyle habits and support participation in activities that foster high-level wellness. Using the core components of fitness—muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility—we make great efforts to promote injury prevention. Our exercise room includes hand weights, resistance bands, a treadmill and a NuStep. This equipment is complemented by The Walking Club and our Strength & Stretch classes which are led by a certified clinical exercise specialist.


Nutrition and weight control issues are also addressed in classes and lectures, presented by organizations like the Health Center of Integrated Therapies and their nutritional series on conscious consumption. Our monthly newsletter contains Fitness Tips and healthy recipes. The Mind-Body Club explores the wellness connection between mind and body with topics like “The Health Benefits of Laughter” and “Aromatherapy to Energize and Relax the Whole Self.”


Many residents are incorporating recreational technology into their workouts with our popular Nintendo Wii Bowling group. The Hover Manor Wii Bowlers challenged the Manor staff to a Bowl-Off and won 2 out of 3 times!


GREAT NEWS! Thanks to the generous support of private donors and the Lynn & Helen Clark Fund, Hover Community now has LifeTrails outdoor fitness equipment on its campus!



To address Social Wellness we support the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships and community involvement, encourage mutual respect and help build self-confidence. The center maintains an active calendar of events to ensure resident participation and to boost staff and resident interaction. Group activities like our monthly Birthday Lunch, “Hover Idol” and Wellness Wednesdays encourage social gathering, while our wellness clubs address the importance of cultivating social wellbeing. Our field trips and outings to local attractions and eateries are also popular options for residents wanting to get out into the community with friends or have a chance to make new acquaintances.


The clubs help residents to connect with others who have similar interests and hobbies. These social groups include: our Garden Club which just expanded last year’s garden and installed an easily accessible raised bed; the Film Club which recently screened “Father of the Bride” and “The Blind Side;” and the Breakfast Club where residents are encouraged to partake in a healthy breakfast and listen to a brief talk on a hot wellness topic. We also have a Craft Club, Game Club, Knitting & Crocheting Club and a Walking Club.


The Wellness Center provides residents with opportunities to learn new skills and to challenge themselves to grow. Local speakers share their knowledge and experiences in areas such as financial planning, motivational lectures, goal setting and identity theft prevention. We recently had the Director of Consumer Affairs from the District Attorney’s office here to discuss how to “Scam-Proof Your Life.” Organizations like Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield Counties share their emotional wisdom with our community through lectures and presentations on topics like “Critical Conversations” and techniques for coping with death, loss and other emotionally demanding life events.

To address Intellectual Wellness we inspire residents in their pursuit of lifelong learning. As we develop our creativity and curiosity in new ways, we explore new knowledge and gain new skills. The Wellness Center encourages residents to stay curious by providing them with stimulating opportunities such as cultural activities and offerings like Technology Tuesdays and Forum Fridays. In the last two months, the Book Club has devoured such challenging titles as Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, and Blink: The power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. Members of our Game Club fuel their intellects by developing competitive strategies and mounting game-winning comebacks. The 3Rs Club (Recall, Recreation & Relaxation) nurtures the intellect by promoting brain fitness and proven practices for staying sharp and focused.


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The Activity Center is the greatest thing that has happened to Hover Manor.

Activities of the mind and body are extremely necessary to prevent aging and sharpen the intellect. 

Ida Biederman